Car Paint

Toyota Visitors Center, Blue Springs, Mississippi

Car Paint is an exhibit at the Toyota Visitor's Center in Blue Springs Mississippi that teaches guests how cars are painted on Toyota's assembly line. Visitors use a modified paint gun to spray their car with sealant followed by the color of their choice. Their spray skills are put to the test as their sealant application is timed in order to keep the assembly line moving, and their paint coat must be the perfect thickness.

Visitors interact with a projected display using a paint gun tracked with a Vive Tracker and Base Stations. The paint gun's trigger is a custom circuit that interfaces with the exhibit PC via a LabJack I/O device and accompanying C# library.

The projected content is built with Unity. SteamVR runs in the background with a custom configuration to enable the Vive hardware without a HMD.

Technical design and software development from design through install by myself. Visual and UX was designed by Juan Patino. Motion graphics designed by Shir David.

IMAGE CREDITS: <1.jpg> → Juan Patino