Digital Phenomena

macOS native app, Kinect, projector

Process documented here.

Most media experienced today is digital. We shape our vision of the world and ourselves based on these experiences. If we continue to increase the level of technological involvement in our lives, how would this impact our relationship with the idea of the ‘real’, in terms of our identities, and our environments?

This is an interactive installation that attempts to provoke dialogue regarding the prospect that every aspect of our perceptual experience is subject to being shaped by digital design, and explores, through an AR lens, how digital media enables one to phenomenologically craft a more fluid identity and sense of place.

Installation consists of a projected display of variable dimensions (enough space for a few individuals to move freely several feet from the wall), a backdrop 6-10' distance from display, a Kinect mounted and centered directly underneath the display facing the backdrop, and a Mac Mini running an openFrameworks build utilizing ofxKinect and ofxOpenCv.

One or more users move through the space freely, interacting with their relfections by making noise.