Performance Challenge

College Football Hall of Fame, Atlanta

Performance Challenge is an arcade experience at the College Football Hall of Fame that lets fans test their limits in the 40-yard dash and vertical jump NFL Combine activities.

Fans stand on a pressure-sensitive pad in front of a full-scale vertical display at one of two stations to perform either the Run or Jump challenge. The experience is activated using the College Football Hall of Fame's proprietary RFID badge detection system. Two RealSense depth cameras per station are used to render a mirror-image avator of the visitor on-screen. The pressure-sensitive pads are used to determine their run speed or jump height which is also reflected in the animations on-screen. At the end of the experience each fan is ranked on a leaderboard so they can compare their abilities with other museum-goers throughout the day.

The software was written entirely in C++ via OpenFrameworks, utilizing G&A's in-house scenegraph framework layer.

Development occured alongside Tyler Henry, who implemented the pressure sensor and RealSense-powered avatars. I developed the application architecture, RFID data integration, and the leaderboard. Julie Flechoux designed the visuals, and Shwenn Chang designed the motion graphics. Cortina developed the application monitoring software and RFID middleware.

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